Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Made Flogger for Under $15

Since the last post was about making a kinky wish list, J and I thought this evening we'd share one of our DIY kink projects as a way of helping you address at least one item that might be on your list.  (This is something we made for our personal use and we take full responsibility for how we use it.  If you choose to make one for yourself, you are assuming the same responsibility - be safe, use it sanely and consensually.)

While we bought a decent crop online for a reasonable price, we discovered good floggers can be pricey.  We may choose to splurge on a custom flogger down the road, but we certainly didn't want to wait that long before adding this sort of toy to our own toy box, so we decided we try our hand at making a flogger.  Here's how we did it.

Materials needed:

1.  Suede leather skirt or coat.  J scoured the local ValuVillage and picked up a second hand woman's suede skirt, about 24 inches long for $9.99. 
2.  Wooden spoon or dowel for the core of the flogger handle.  J chose a wooden spoon we already had at home.  You can pick these up at the dollar store for a buck or two.  Be sure to get one with a decently heavy handle.
3.  One roll of hockey tape to secure the falls to the handle and to build up the handle. ($2.00)
4.  Finial from an old curtain rod to attach to the handle end as a counterweight. We had one in the basement.  Scrounge around your own house or check with a friend or neighbour.  This is the sort of thing that gets tossed out on neighbourhood cleanups.  You might score one for free.  Or you can try making your own counterweight to attach to the handle.

Step 1:  The skirt was chosen on the basis that it was made with few small pieces of leather.  J wanted to cut the falls for the flogger from a single piece to avoid having seams in the falls.  First, J cut the skirt apart at the side seams and trimmed off any bands and stitching, leaving smooth continuous pieces of leather. (There is enough leather left over to make a second flogger!)

Step 2: To cut the falls, J used a knife but scissors would work just as well.  First layout the leather with the longest edge running left to right. Square up the piece so you have a rectangle.  Beginning at the bottom left hand edge, start cutting a strip about 1/2" wide and stop about 7" from the top edge. Repeat this process until you reach the right hand edge of the leather.  In essence it looks like you've cut a long leather fringe.  In our case, the result was a fringe of 34 1/2 inch strips.

Step 3: Cut the bowl end of the spoon off leaving just the handle.  Attach the curtain finial to one end of the wooden spoon handle using hockey tape.  Be sure to wrap as evenly as you can.  

Step 4: With the leather fringe still laying out on the table where you cut it, place the wooden handle on one end of the leather so the falls start just past the end of the handle (without the finial).  This will ensure that the uncut part of the fringe will wrap easily around the handle.  Using a couple of small pieces of hockey tape, carefully attach the uncut portion of one edge to the handle and begin wrapping it around, as tightly as possible without overstretching the leather.  Be careful not to tangle your falls in the lower end of the handle.

Step 5:  When the leather fringe has been wrapped to the handle, carefully cover this section of leather with hockey tape.  Be sure to wrap tightly to secure the leather in place.

And voila - one home-made flogger ready for testing for under $15!


  1. Wow, awesome. Thank you for posting this.. Daddy would love this as a present I bet. :)

    I am now following you, and will add you to my blogroll.. I hope that is ok? :) Good work, and thank you for sharing!

    babygirl cricket

  2. Thanks for the feedback and I'm pleased to be added to your blog roll. BDSM DIY is likely to figure prominently in the months to come as we work on "perving" our place, so do chekc back. Cheers!

  3. A length of broomstick may be better as it's thicker and you can have any length desired. The fall strip can also be stapled(with 1/4" or 1/2" T-50 staples) as well as taped to the end of the handle.

  4. I considered the broom handle but once wrapped with leather and tape it would be too thick for my hand. 1/2 inch dowell would work and give greater length options. The idea here is to adapt the idea to your own needs with whatever you have at hand. My plan was to use minimum tools and inexpensive materials.

    Happy building folks!

  5. I love this piece. I have made multiple floggers from skirts/jackets that I bought at Value Village as well as my torn up leather couch!

    I have found that thicker pieces of bamboo make for really good handles because you can choose the length that you want for them and they are already decorative so there is no extra needed!

  6. Thanks for posting a comment Nikki. It is amazing what you can make out of recycled parts.