Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Portable Japanese Pony for Under $10

This is the second budget-minded, do-it-yourself toy I've featured on this blog.  As J and I add to our tool box, we will certainly share our do-it-yourself projects with you.  This is our version of a "starter" Japanese pony.  (This is something we made for our personal use and we take full responsibility for how we use it.  If you choose to make one for yourself, you are assuming the same responsibility - be safe, use it sanely and consensually.)

Our gentler version of the Japanese pony.

Some of the Japanese ponies J and I had seen pictured online weren't that appealing.  Frankly, I like my girlie bits and wasn't too on straddling a narrow board with ridges or edges. At a friend's dungeon, I tried a gentler version with no rough edges and loved the pressure against my crotch.  I declared it was a great place to start a play session as the sustained pressure was pleasant and the effects lasted even after I had moved on to another station in his dungeon.

My friend's pony was the inspiration for ours.  Since we don't have a dungeon and frequently have my mother and step-father visiting, it had to be portable and easily hidden under a bed or behind the door. 

Let’s begin with materials.  You will need:
  • one piece (approximately a three foot length) of  1 1/4" diameter rigid drain pipe, available pre-cut at most home improvement stores for under $4.00 
  • two eye bolts, with washers and nuts, long enough to go through the pipe, about $3.00
  • a piece of quarter inch thick rope, $1.50
  • two tennis balls, $1.00 on sale
  • a bit of hockey tape. 
  • Tools needed: 

Enlarged view of the nut, washer and eye bolt.

  • Electric drill and bit (size will be determined by the diameter of the eye bolts)
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Marker


1.  Using the electric drill bore a hole about one inch from each end of the pipe.  The drill should go through both sides of the pipe so you can insert the bolt from one side to the other.  (See picture for details.) 
2.  Insert the eye bolts, (one in each end) and lock in place with the washers and nuts.  Use the pliers to help tighten the nuts.
3.  Apply small pieces of hockey tape to the exposed nuts so they will not mar furniture. 
4.  Using the utility knife, cut open a tennis ball and force it over one end of the pipe to protect doors, walls, etc.  Apply the second tennis ball to the other end of the pipe in similar fashion.
5.  Tie one end of the rope through one of the eye bolts. 
6.  Clean the pipe thoroughly and your pony is now ready to use.

How to use:  

Rest one end of the pony over the back of a chair (the end without the rope).  Have your partner straddle the pony then loop the rope over a door handle and pull up snug before tying off. 

We hope you enjoy your new toy as much as we do.  If any readers have ideas of their own or modify our version, we'd love to hear from you. 

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