Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doesn't Every Woman Want Her Own Den?

When we started out, it was going to be a garden shed. Then I thought, it should be a little bigger and have a storage loft. Then we talked about putting in windows and a steel door, having it wired and before you know it, it had become a studio space for me. This has been a long held dream of mine - to have a dedicated studio space for my hobbies, separate from the house, so I can leave projects in progress and steal an hour here or there whenever the urge takes me. To have a room of my own (move over Virginia Woolf), a den for my own pleasures will truly be a luxury.

Then I started thinking about how I could perv this space to make it truly multi-functional in a kinky sort of way. At the moment, there is no room in our house that can be dedicated to play and if we aren't in the bedroom, the living room is the only other option. This usually means playing late at night and praying no one drops by unexpectedly. If the studio could be set up so the space was truly flexible, we thought maybe it could become a play space.

Over the weekend we set the floor in place, framed, sheeted and erected walls, set the beams in place for the loft floor and sheeted it in. Next come the roof rafters and sheeting. I'm expecting it will take most of the fall before it is ready for any sort of kinkiness, but today as I stood in the loft; my mind was filled with ideas.

One of the first things we did was double up two of the loft floor beams. This will allow for some strategically placed eye-bolts. I'm also considering running some copper piping around the perimeter so I can hang blackout curtains to cover the shelving, walls and doors. This will enable me to neutralize the space for photography and play sessions, and ensure privacy.

The back wall will be about 240 cubic feet of storage space. There will be shelving, a place to keep a massage table, to hang up toys and keep them hidden. There will also be room for my hobby supplies. I hope to construct fold-down gate leg work tables. The plan is to keep as much floor space open as possible.

I shall keep you posted as the project progresses. In the meantime, I shall continue to dream of the possibilities!

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