Monday, January 16, 2012

Contemplating the Nature of Energy Exchange During Play

For me, it is a given that there is an exchange of energy during play.  I know that some of you out there are wondering, "What the hell is she talking about?  What energy?  How can you exchange something that can't be seen?"  Consider the following:
  1. Play induces biochemical changes in both partners which you never directly see.  You may see symptoms of these changes, but not the actual changes themselves.
  2. The electrical signals in our bodies jump from neuron to neuron, across the synaptic gap via our bodies' chemicals.  We experience the results of these actions every second; however we never actually see this happening.
  3. We can feel and see emotional and physical changes in ourselves and our partners during play, but we cannot see all the underlying actions that are producing these (thoughts, biochemical changes, etc.)
Yet we do not doubt that these are all real.

There are various hands-on healing techniques that are based on an exchange of energy (e.g. therapeutic touch, Reiki), which have been scientifically and qualitatively validated as having an actual measurable impact.  There are self-help experts and other authors who have written extensively on the power of thought and how it impacts manifestation, on tantra and sexual energy, on the power of prayer and other forms of directed energy.  In short, there is enough evidence to more than strongly suggest that energy is real and a part of everyday life.

How much energy and the nature of the energy exchanged is dependent on many things.  For example:
  1. How well the partners know each other
  2. How open each is to the concept of energy exchange during intimate encounters
  3. How sensitive each is to energy generally speaking
  4. Each partner's previous experiences with energy
I often run energy when I am submitting to Lady as I find it helps me manage my pain during impact play.  I have also invoked certain external energies during sexual arousal and had amazing experiences as a result.  As a Reiki practitioner and Rune Reader, the concepts of energy exchange and focused intention are certainly not knew to me; however, I had never deliberately directed energy  to enhance the physical/sexual experience for another until this past weekend.

Pet and I were close to finishing up a rather intense play session.  During the session, I invoked the same runic energies that I usually invoke for myself to help him manage his pain.  It had seemed to be successful from my perspective.  He was now sitting at my feet, shoulders between my knees, facing away from me and we were coming back to earth, so to speak.  I gave him some instructions, a task to complete while at my feet.  I knew there would be some challenge associated with my instructions, but was determined to see where things went.

As he progressed with his task, I could sense his internal struggle.  I spoke gently to him, making plain what my expectations were and reminding him that the session wasn't over until I said it was.  I settled my hands on his shoulders and consciously invoked some powerful energies to support him in his task.  I moved my hands from his shoulders to the crown of his head and back again.  Very quickly, I could feel his energy shift and any indecision he night have harbored disappeared.  As his own arousal grew, I could feel a change in the waves literally rolling off his body and over me.  I have never been so keenly aware of what was happening for him without looking directly in his eyes.  

My perception was that the energy waves passed from his crown chakra, into my root chakra (which was positioned right behind him).  The energy moved up through my chakras to my crown.  The sensation was incredible!  Now before anyone thinks I had an orgasm watching my Pet, I must correct you.  This was no orgasm, but was mind-blowing and extremely energizing nevertheless.  I have never shared an energetic experience quite like this before.  I never knew such sharing was possible.

Later that night, tucked in bed next to Lady, I related what I could describe to her.  I still felt full of pent up energy myself and she suggested we do something about that before we called it a night.  My first orgasm felt more like a pressure release valve - necessary, intense, but certainly not satisfying like I had hoped.  She suggested we persevere.  As my desire rose a second time, I realized that I had not likely released most of the energy I had "collected" during my earlier experience with Pet.  I made a conscious decision at that moment to release what I had gathered on his behalf back into the ether.  Within minutes, I was in  the throws of an orgasm that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  It was a "screamer" that went on and on and on.  Afterwards, I said that it was like an energy block in my own body had been blown out in the process.  

The next day, I was still feeling the effects and ended up taking a long afternoon nap.  While Pet and I played again that evening, I dared not run energy like that again.  I felt it was too soon to even consider and both of us were still processing what had passed between us the night before.

Last night, Lady and I played.  It was a simple session consisting of 400 spanks interspersed with some light stroking and petting, but did I ever get wired!  While I ran no additional energies, once again, I had a mind-bending climax that turned intro a multiple orgasm - my first one).  I don't think it is a coincidence that this experience followed the intense energy exchange of Friday evening.

What does all this mean?  To be honest, I can't say I'm entirely certain.  What I know now beyond a shadow of doubt is that:

  • play can raise very powerful energy, 
  • both the play itself and the energy it raises need to be treated with reverence and due consideration, and 
  • humans are far more powerful and spiritual beings than most of us have ever imagined.
I wonder what will happen next time?

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