Monday, March 5, 2012

Home-Made Video

This past weekend, Pet and I had a wonderful play session.  It began with a discussion around an upcoming play party which we hope to attend.  We talked about protocol and positions; what we will wear and what we might like to do while we are there.  We practiced a few activities and talked about how they might proceed at said party. It was exciting to consider the possibilities for both of us.

From there we ventured into rope.  I wanted to draw his right wrist close to his upper arm and then pull the upper arm parallel to his head.  Took me a few minutes to puzzle over the best way to accomplish this, but eventually I did figure it out.  Then I remembered I wanted to try something else.  At a recent rope evening with friends, an idea occurred to me while I was tying a gauntlet that started off with a double coin knot looping over three fingers: Could I adapt this idea for CBT?  Well as it turns out, the answer is "yes."  I was so pleased at how it worked out, we made a ten minute video of the final product in which we share a little bit of how we play together.

This wasn't our first home-made video.  We've shot a number of them since Pet bought his camera.  We've discovered it can be a great deal of fun to snuggle up in front of  the computer and watch the evidence of our antics afterwords.

Personally I find it enlightening to watch my own reactions to things with the benefit of an observer's perspective.  It has helped me come to terms with how much I really enjoy tormenting my Pet and provoking new and wonderful reactions.  It has been pointed out that my voice and mannerisms change slightly when I'm in "Keeper head-space."  And I certainly am enjoying myself throughout!  The big grin rarely leaves my face.  I love that the chemistry between us actually translates to the small screen.

I like to watch Pet's reactions as we revisit his torments.  I especially watch his face and his hands as these often give me the best indication of what is happening for him.  Often I get new insights into why something worked out well or not as much.  The videos also help me to decide whether or not I'll try something again with him.  When we don't videotape, I have to glean as much as I can while in scene and I often wonder how much I've missed.

Last night we did something very different.  We edited it and posted it for friends on Fetlife!  As the caption we attached to it says:  "OMG, we're so nervous in an exhibitionist sort of way..."  Why  did we choose now to share a video?  Partly because of the subject matter.  We were honestly pleased to share something a little creative.  The video was focused on one subject (CBT) and we were genuinely pleased with how well it lent itself to editing that once we were done, we looked at each other and decided to take the plunge.  We figured, if we're contemplating public play, this wasn't a bad choice for a test run of sorts.

As I type this, Pet is re-watching  the video from his place and getting a kick out of our antics all over again.  I think I'll do the same in  few minutes.  It's nice to have something to remind ourselves of the fun we've had in between our times together: our version of a kinky scrap book.

So dear reader, do you like to video your play sessions?  What motivates you to do so?  What sort of activities do you like to show case in your home movies?

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  1. Oh I would if I could - but I think this is more about the titillation I get from the 'exposure' rather than a wish to view the antics again